A simple and elegant solution which saves Time and Money by managing your Human Resource with a range of features from attendance and employee movement tracking to leave and salary calculations. The best part is it does everything in real time.

Manage your HR functionalities with 5-easy steps with NO HASSLES. With the additional features provided the Organization can benefit not only with the HR Management, but also extend its performance in the competitive market. 



Easy to setup and use the application. We do not require expert users to setup the application separately. Just login and start using the application.
We have also optimized the application for every users and platform so that they can take advantage of the application up-to its full potential. We have tested and optimized the application for cross platform performance.

The application is lightweight and provides a quick response to the user’s query making it reliable system to perform any tasks assigned.

We have used a token based system for the user login which disables unauthorized access into the system. All the data are encrypted and stored in a different secure cloud server than the application server which decreases the vulnerability of data loss.


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