Production Pro

Production pro is a mobile application for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It can be used by production companies to generate work order, bills and other documents required. Using the application the company can track the status of the production which allows to manage in an efficient manner.



Mobile Application

Firstly the mobile application is used for primary data capturing. Through the application a user can perform the following task:

1. Create list of Companies

2. Select the company for operation

3. Manage Products, Vendors, Clients

4. Keep track of Inventory

5. Manages Sales, Purchase

6. View Report


Web Application

Web application acts as backend for the mobile application. Via the web application the administrator can manage users, monitor the reports. Web application allows admin to:

1. Create User

2. Manage license key for the User / Company to use the application

3. Manage Inventory

4. Manage Companies

5. View the detailed report of Sales and Purchase.