Agent App

Agent App, It is an android based application that allows remittance agents to make payouts and remit the cash to the receiver. The application is integrated with a tablet system which consists of Bio-metric Reader, Magnetic and a Smart Card Reader which can be used as a means of verification when required.

Agent app consists of two versions.

  1. Local Agent Application
    • It is an application targeted for the local remittance agents. It allows agent to make payouts and remit as per the customers request.
    • All the transactions are performed through the application and the tablet.
    • Customer receives a printed copy of the receipt printed from the tablet device itself.
  2. Japan Application
    • This application is used by the user/customer itself.
    • The user performs activities according to his/her requirements and visits the agent for the further process.
    • User Registration is possible via this application available to the user, although a complete set of valid documents are required for the process.